MA-909 Wireless Mixer

MA-909 Wireless Mixer Mipro's MA-909 is a rack mountable 2 space control mixer that can combine up to two wireless microphones, a CD player, Mic and Line inputs into a UHF true diversity 16 frequency agile wireless transmitter.

The MA-909 is a breakthrough in the traditional concept of wireless PA systems. Mipro's MA-909 separates the control mixer from any amplified audio system. The mixed audio signals from the MA-909 can be wirelessly transmitted to inter-linking receiver modules installed in one or more active speaker systems.

Mipro's MA-909 professional wireless mixer can be set up at any desired location without the need for bulky and inconvenient connecting cables. It provides the convenience of a small PA System with the power of a conventional wired sound system.

It’s an ideal interface for hundreds of applications including existing in-wall school audio systems, remote broadcast setups, press conferences, hotel facilities, live sound, weddings, pep rallies, assemblies, and much much more. The MA-909 is the perfect solution for any application requiring flexibility, convenience and performance with excellent results.

  • EIA Standard 2U metal case equipped with plug-in dual UHF wireless receivers, CD player, wired microphone jack, LINE-IN jack of other audio sources and LINE-IN/OUT jack of recorder.
  • A wired microphone, two wireless microphones, CD/cassette/DVD players, and other audio sources can be mixed simultaneously to the input.
  • The control mixer unit is separated from the active speaker system allowing users to control wireless mixer nearby.
  • 16 preset channels
  • Modular design for interlinking wireless receiver allows being built-in or mounted on active speaker systems.
  • The active speaker systems with an interlinking receiver module installed allow unlimited expansion or change of setup position within transmitting range.
  • Ducking feature

  • Dimensions / Weight: EIA Standard 2U metal case, 16.5” x 3.4” x 7.9”, 11.5 lbs.
  • T.H.D.: Less than 0.5%
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18kHz ±3dB
  • Optional Mixer Wireless Transmitter: MT-90 16 frequency agile UHF modules
  • Optional Receiver Modules: Accepts up to 2 MRM-70 ACT 16 frequency agile UHF modules
  • Optional Wireless Microphones: ACT-30H Handheld or ACT-30T bodypack transmitters with lavaliere, headworn microphones or instrument cable
  • Optional CD Player: CDM2
  • Audio Inputs: Balanced & unbalanced MIC & LINE
  • Audio Outputs: Unbalanced line and optional MT-90 16 frequency agile UHF modules
  • Optional Remote Wireless Receiver MR-90 ACT UHF frequency agile UHF module
  • Power Supply: Internal 90-264V AC switching power supply
  • Optional Accessories: MM-107 wired microphone with cable
  • Finish: Black

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