MIPRO Series 7 and Series 8 Software

Please use this link to down load the MIPRO PC Management Software for 7 Series and 8 Series wireless receivers.

ACT 7-Series Software (For ACT-74, ACT-72, ACT-71, ACT-747a, ACT-727a, ACT-717a and ACT 8-Series)

Software for older MIPRO 8-Series (Including ACT-81 and ACT-82)


This link is for the software only, The RJ11 (RS232) to USB hardware interface included with the ACT-707DV  is required to connect to, control, configure, setup and monitor MIPRO 7 Series and 8 Series wireless receivers. 

Software for the discontinued ACT-707 receivers and the ACT-81/82 receivers is available by contacting Avlex Corporation.