MIPRO’s True Digital Wireless Continues to Impress

Having had the oppurtunity to travel arround the country and demo the new MIPRO ACT818 & ACT828 Digital Wirelss for several months now I continue to be impressed with it.  We have done a number of shootouts against the Shure ULXD and UHFR systems and have never had a negitave reaction.  I think it’s the best sounding wirelss on the market today.  The true condenser capsule in the ACT80H handheld sounds amazing.  It’s the same capsule that is in the premium analogue 7 Series wireless but it sounds better.  It’s the no companding and full signal response that makes the difference. 

MIPRO has allways been a very competive vendor price wise. The new digital is no exception.  It’s at a price point that is competive with old Shure ULX systems but is head and sholders ahead of the rest of the market.  If you have not heard it you should make a point to do so.