Fred visits Texas

It’s that time of year again when Fred packs it up twice a month and visits our sales reps around the US!  He began 2015 with a trip down to Texas with Brandon and John from Cowser Marketing.  One of the many highlights of Fred’s Texas Adventure was a call on Jeff and Zack at Epicenter Productions in Grapevine, TX where he reports he was able to do side-by-side comparisons of the Superlux S241/U3 true capacitor mic and the Superlux PRA-D1 supercardioid handheld with a Shure KSM137 and the old standby:  The Shure SM58.    

“We had the opportunity to plug in the Superlux S241/U3 and the PRA-D1.  We conducted an A/B of the PRA-D1 with a Shure SM58.  Epicenter was very impressed with the sound quality and tighter pattern of the Superlux PRA-D1. 

We also had the opportunity to do an A/B with the Superlux S241/U3 and a Shure KSM137: One of Shure’s top studio grade instrument mics with similar features.  The S241/U3 is one of my favorite Superlux microphones and I was even impressed with this demo against the $374 MSRP Shure mic.  The Superlux S241 at $150 MSRP was hotter and sounded better.  Jeff and Zack could not believe the cost verses’ performance of the Superlux mics.  They advised John and I that they will defiantly start using more of the Superlux mics.  I love being able to plug in product in the field!”

Of course, we’re biased but there you have it!  Buy Superlux!

Also, don’t think the life of a sales manager is all party party party, eating out for dinner every night and free rides from the airport.  Oh no.  Due to the lovely snowy weather that what seems like most of the continental US has seen over the last few weeks, Fred’s return trip took him from Texas, completely past the state of MO and onward to Washington DC, then back over to St Louis for a night and finally into Kansas City.  His flight was 28 hours late.  So next time you see Fred, buy him a frosty beverage and pat him on the back!

Next up for Fred (March 2 – 6):  The Midwest with Digital Sales Group.        


MIPRO 3-Series Comparisons (in chart form)

In case there was any doubt, Fred has compiled a handy chart to compare MIPRO 3-Series wireless with the competition.    

3 Series Comparison Chart

(Click for larger image)

The features, reliability, affordable price and durability of the MIPRO ACT 3-Series make this series the obvious choice in pro-quality gear.  Also, with MIPRO, you don’t have to worry about the FCC 600-band changes.  All of our MIPRO wireless ships on 500-band and in the case of the 3-Series, 500- and 900-band.  

As always, call us with questions and comments!  Thanks for all of your support!  

New Superlux Headphones: HD-685 in stock and shipping now!

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

One of hopefully several new products for 2015 has made its way into our warehouse in sunny Kansas City, MO!  We’ve just received our first shipment of Superlux HD-685 headphones!  These high definition headphones feature huge 40mm Neodymium drivers, closed-back ear-cups and a stunning, updated design!  Another neat feature:  A detachable cable with in-line volume control and a mic just in case you need to grab any phone calls while listening to music on your phone.

Need more info?  Check out the full specs!

The HD-685 is shipping in cases of 12 and are ready to ship now!