2016: It was actually a very good year!

2016 was an odd one.  It seemed to be far more dramatic, painful and full of loss than the typical calendar year and I would imagine that you, like me, are ready for 2016 to get lost.  But behind all the garbage (and pending FCC changes) that filled our lives this year, your favorite audio manufacturers have been churning along and producing some GREAT, innovative gear for the retail and contractor markets.  

Here’s a recap of what Avlex released in 2016:


Rechargeable Transmitters for MIPRO ACT 7-Series and ACT 8-Series

You asked for them, MIPRO provided.  These transmitters use field-replaceable Lithium 18500 rechargeable batteries and utilize the innovative MP-80 charging station!  On a full charge, these transmitters will run for 13 hours or more and can be recharged with the MP-80 in 4 hours!  While we have stock, we’re providing free MP-80 charging stations with the purchase of complete 7-Series and 8-Series systems – contact us (or your friendly sales rep) for details!

MP-80 Charging Options


MIPRO 2400-Series Digital Wireless

The 500-band is saturated and the FCC isn’t going to make it any easier on all of us.  So we now offer the alternative of MIPRO’s latest wireless series:  The 2400-Series.  Want to know how it works and why it’s not your standard 2.4GHz wireless?  Check out our blog post where we explain the how/why/what.  

The 2400-Series is conveniently packaged in retail-ready packaging as complete systems including receivers, transmitters and lapel mics (where applicable).  They’re available in single and dual-channel configurations and this series also uses the MIPRO MP-80 charging station.  These are also included with each system!

MIPRO_ACT-2400 Group 

Tour Guide, Language Interpretation and Assisted Listening Systems

This is a series that you need to be aware that we have.  Every contractor in the US has that one worship install that requires an assisted listening system and many of you who do highly specialized installs come across applications that require a tour guide system, a language interpretation system or an assisted listening system as well.  We have them.


These systems can be customized to suit your needs.  Are you running walking tours?  We have wireless transmitters that are compact, lightweight and easy for your guides to use.  Are you providing hearing assistance for parishioners?  The MTS-100 stationary transmitter combined with either our AA-powered or rechargeable transmitters (and headsets or earbuds) can provide clear audio for anyone who needs it.

My favorite part of these systems are the cases.  These cases not only store your tour guide gear but they sync and recharge all of it.  And they look pretty hot.  We offer a 12-slot and a 28-slot version (as well as a 4-slot station); just load it in, set it up and go!  

Winter NAMM is coming and we will be showing off new product, as always.  Check in with us in the next couple weeks for our new NAMM offerings!

Thanks to all of our Dealers, Contractors, end users and Reps for a fantastic 2016!  Let’s hope 2017 is a lot brighter, less chaotic and we can all focus on what we do best:  Audio.

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