Avlex For Civic/Government


Avlex Corporation provides a full array of microphone solutions to a broad range of markets and industries.  These include House of Worship, Corporate, Business, Education, Government, Studio and Broadcast, Live Sound or Event Production among others.  Customers that are seeking cost-effective ways to improve their sound while saving money will find Avlex to be of like mind.


In the government and civic sector, the demand for high audio quality and information security goes well beyond the conference room.  Specialized solutions are required to address the unique requirements of each environment and application whether it’s paging systems, dd large meeting spaces, media distribution feeds and recording requirements or the need for secure 256-bit encrypted wireless to keep meeting content confidential.  Avlex has a microphone for the job.

From courtrooms to counsel chambers to political rallies, dependable, clear and sometimes secure communication is essential.  Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO wired and wireless systems offer a wide range of flexible, easy to use productive solutions for crystal-clear audio that provide the audio performance, value and that vote of confidence needed to deliver the message, including true digital wireless with 256-bit encryption to keep proprietary conversations secure and confidential when required.

When it comes to conveying information clearly, focusing on the message and serving the people, Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO microphone solutions meet the need for clear, dependable audio.