Avlex For Corporate/Business


Avlex Corporation provides a full array of microphone solutions to a broad range of markets and industries.  These include House of Worship, Corporate, Business, Education, Government, Studio and Broadcast, Live Sound or Event Production among others.  Customers that are seeking cost-effective ways to improve their sound while saving money will find Avlex to be of like mind.



Specialized solutions are required to address the unique requirements of each application, from voice amplification in large meeting spaces, boardrooms, auditoriums and training facilities to video conferencing, meeting recording, trade shows and all manner of event.

The Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO microphones integrate smoothly into the private sector commercial business segment and are well suited for companies requiring a professional, upscale sound system to deliver foreground music and sophisticated communications, announcements, meeting space or paging solutions.  These businesses may include high end restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, specialty stores, the hospitality industry, non-profit organizations, clubs and more.

Clear communication is a necessary component of any successful business.  The Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO brands offer the necessary tools that make it easy to be perfectly clear on what is being presented or discussed, thereby facilitating increased workplace productivity.

The Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO line of microphones offers a wide range of flexible, easy to use productive solutions for crystal-clear audio that provide the performance, value and confidence needed to meet the requirements in the workplace, including true digital wireless with 256-bit encryption to keep proprietary conversations secure and confidential when required.