Avlex For Education

Avlex Corporation provides a full array of microphone solutions to a broad range of markets and industries.  These include House of Worship, Corporate, Business, Education, Government, Studio and Broadcast, Live Sound or Event Production among others.  Customers that are seeking cost-effective ways to improve their sound while saving money will find Avlex to be of like mind.


From simple and straightforward classroom sound reinforcement systems to theater, gymnasium and outdoor stadium sound systems, Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO can provide the necessary audio tools that enhance the learning experience and let the students hear every word.

From kindergarten to higher education, teachers have more tools than ever to aid their students in learning.  But whether you’re giving a lesson in the classroom, capturing a lecture for distance learning, conducting a pep rally, announcing a sporting event or putting on the latest theatrical production there is always a need for every word to be clearly heard.

The Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO wired and wireless microphones systems provide the audio performance, value and confidence needed to meet the requirements and integrate smoothly into any school environment from elementary to college or university. These high-performance systems are dependable and can withstand the rigors of use in the education environment.