Avlex For Worship

Avlex Corporation provides a full array of microphone solutions to a broad range of markets and industries.  These include House of Worship, Corporate, Business, Education, Government, Studio and Broadcast, Live Sound or Event Production among others.  Customers that are seeking cost-effective ways to improve their sound while saving money will find Avlex to be of like mind.


When it comes to providing sound solutions for the House of Worship, it’s all about the spoken word.  Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO microphones are the heart of and the first link in any good sound system.  Avlex offers microphone products to improve the performance of the overall ministry and worship experience in many different worship scenarios, large or small.

These days, it is easier than ever to spread your message.  But whether you’re reaching out to congregants in attendance or remotely through broadcasts and podcasts, there is one common prerequisite; the message has to be heard, loud and clear. From inspirational speakers to praise bands to the choir to cry rooms every House of Worship has a common goal to be heard clearly.

The Avlex, Superlux and MIPRO brands of microphones offer an extensive choice of wired and wireless microphone systems that provide the audio performance, value and confidence needed to meet the requirements of any House of Worship application.