Avlex Products

Avlex Corporation, centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a leading supplier of high quality, feature-rich and competitively priced professional audio products. In business since 1999, Avlex supplies a wide variety of both wired and wireless microphones to dealers across the United States for a broad range of markets and industries. These include House of Worship, Corporate, Business, Education, Government, Studio and Broadcast, Live Sound or Event Production among others.

In addition to our own brand of microphones, Avlex is the US distributor for the MIPRO and Superlux brands.  The Avlex brand features the HS/HSP Low-profile Headworn Microphones. The Avlex HS/HSP series of earset condenser microphones sound great, are extremely comfortable and are the easiest to adjust earset microphones available today. The booms are almost invisible with a diameter of just .7mm. They are made of a softer and more malleable stainless steel that is easier to bend without kinking yet retains its rigidity.

There are several models and options to choose from; single ear, dual ear or theatrical gooseneck wand style microphones with a number of ear loop options that take the guess work and frustration out of achieving a secure comfortable fit easily.

Perfect for either speaking or singing, the HS/HSP series have premium or standard voice grade sub-miniature omni condenser mics. They are so small as to be almost invisible from a few feet away. The weight is so light you will quickly forget you are wearing it. All HS/HSP microphones feature field replaceable cables and optional adapters so they can be used as a wired microphone or connect to a MIPRO body pack transmitter or most of the major brands of wireless belt pack transmitters in the market today.

Please use the links above and on the right to learn more about our products. Customers that are seeking cost-effective ways to improve their sound without sacrificing performance will find Avlex to be of like mind. The Avlex, Superlux, and MIPRO brands of microphones, wireless systems, electronics, and accessories are available through independent dealers and contractors nationwide.

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