TM58’s are here !



The greatly anticipated Superlux TM58’s are here ! 

The TM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone at an exceptional value which provides the dependable performance needed for stage, recording, and installed sound environments. These are available to our dealers and contractors in single piece as well as case quantities and are individually packaged for re-sale just in time for the holidays ! 

2016: It was actually a very good year!

2016 was an odd one.  It seemed to be far more dramatic, painful and full of loss than the typical calendar year and I would imagine that you, like me, are ready for 2016 to get lost.  But behind all the garbage (and pending FCC changes) that filled our lives this year, your favorite audio manufacturers have been churning along and producing some GREAT, innovative gear for the retail and contractor markets.  

Here’s a recap of what Avlex released in 2016:


Rechargeable Transmitters for MIPRO ACT 7-Series and ACT 8-Series

You asked for them, MIPRO provided.  These transmitters use field-replaceable Lithium 18500 rechargeable batteries and utilize the innovative MP-80 charging station!  On a full charge, these transmitters will run for 13 hours or more and can be recharged with the MP-80 in 4 hours!  While we have stock, we’re providing free MP-80 charging stations with the purchase of complete 7-Series and 8-Series systems – contact us (or your friendly sales rep) for details!

MP-80 Charging Options


MIPRO 2400-Series Digital Wireless

The 500-band is saturated and the FCC isn’t going to make it any easier on all of us.  So we now offer the alternative of MIPRO’s latest wireless series:  The 2400-Series.  Want to know how it works and why it’s not your standard 2.4GHz wireless?  Check out our blog post where we explain the how/why/what.  

The 2400-Series is conveniently packaged in retail-ready packaging as complete systems including receivers, transmitters and lapel mics (where applicable).  They’re available in single and dual-channel configurations and this series also uses the MIPRO MP-80 charging station.  These are also included with each system!

MIPRO_ACT-2400 Group 

Tour Guide, Language Interpretation and Assisted Listening Systems

This is a series that you need to be aware that we have.  Every contractor in the US has that one worship install that requires an assisted listening system and many of you who do highly specialized installs come across applications that require a tour guide system, a language interpretation system or an assisted listening system as well.  We have them.


These systems can be customized to suit your needs.  Are you running walking tours?  We have wireless transmitters that are compact, lightweight and easy for your guides to use.  Are you providing hearing assistance for parishioners?  The MTS-100 stationary transmitter combined with either our AA-powered or rechargeable transmitters (and headsets or earbuds) can provide clear audio for anyone who needs it.

My favorite part of these systems are the cases.  These cases not only store your tour guide gear but they sync and recharge all of it.  And they look pretty hot.  We offer a 12-slot and a 28-slot version (as well as a 4-slot station); just load it in, set it up and go!  

Winter NAMM is coming and we will be showing off new product, as always.  Check in with us in the next couple weeks for our new NAMM offerings!

Thanks to all of our Dealers, Contractors, end users and Reps for a fantastic 2016!  Let’s hope 2017 is a lot brighter, less chaotic and we can all focus on what we do best:  Audio.

AVlex Logo iPad       

What’s new for Avlex at InfoComm 2016?

The short answer:  Everything.

  • NEW!  ACT 2400-Series digital diversity wireless in the 2.4GHz band
  • NEW! MIPRO Tour-Guide and Interpretation Systems
  • FCC-Compliant 3-Series
  • FCC-Compliant 7-Series – With rechargeable transmitters!
  • FCC-Compliant 8-Series – With rechargeable transmitters!
  • Newly updated HS-48a single-ear headsets
  • Newly updated MA-909 wireless mixer with 2.4GHz transmitters and receivers
  • Newly updated CS101 Base Station for our Superlux IS-103 Intercom system to accommodate up to 10 wired belt packs!

Don’t miss us in Booth C9716 in Las Vegas this year!  

And now for something really, really different –

When you think of audio gear, pro audio installation probably comes to mind.  Theaters, churches, concert venues, board rooms – it’s what we all do as audio professionals.  But what about different applications?  What about those odd little jobs that we don’t normally consider?

I had the privilege to visit the Central Iowa Ghost Society (CIGS) this weekend with Bart Towler from Eatgafftape LLC for their 3rd Anniversary gathering and training seminar.  CIGS is a paranormal investigation team who investigates various sites all around the Midwest.  

CIGS logoParanormal investigation is one of those odd applications.  We watch them on tv while they use handheld recorders and wireless camera systems but many of us don’t consider that in addition to the teams who investigate inside the locations, there’s a second, unseen team outside the location who busily monitors events and communicates with the team inside.  

Audio training with CIGS and Bart Towler

Audio training with CIGS and Bart Towler

As an AV installer, think about the audio requirements for a full orchestra.  This is the scale paranormal investigators are operating on.  And just as each instrument in an orchestra is integral, each microphone used by paranormal teams is as well.  Every mic counts.  If a mic is down, the chance is missed to gather scientific evidence.  

Paranormal investigators use gear from a standard vocal mic to high end shotgun mics, consoles, extensive cabling, wireless audio and video gear, cameras, road cases, IEM’s and editing software. The AV equipment requirements are astronomical for groups of amateur paranormal hobbyists and junkies. 

Not only do they require gear for field work but in order to analyze evidence, they also require full-scale AV lab set-ups.

The CIGS Ghost Lab

The CIGS Ghost Lab

As an avid paranormal junkie and as your friendly inside Administrative Sales rep at Avlex for the last 13 years, I was stunned by the AV requirements of CIGS.  “Stunned” doesn’t quite cover it, to be honest and candid with our readers.  


More of the CIGS lab after the video training portion of their seminar.  All of this is used in the field – imagine tear-down at 6am.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you have to admit these groups are serious and passionate about what they do.  CIGS and other teams like them aren’t who we think of when we consider who buys and uses AV gear.  And not only do they use it, they use a lot of it.  

What’s even more impressive than their requirements for scientific paranormal research? They tweak and tailor their gear to suit their needs. They invent gear that those of us inside the industry would never have even thought of.  Many of us could learn a thing or two from visiting one of these groups and spending time with them.  I would highly recommend contacting a local group in your area and paying them a visit.  Not only will you brush up on your knowledge base as an audio professional but you’ll meet some awesome people who want to learn and succeed.

Want to be even more impressed?  CIGS is cross-training their team members on all of their gear.  Audio is being learned by their video crew, video is being learned by their audio crew, their EVP specialists are learning both audio and video and they’re all learning load-in and load-out.  

CIGS and amateur groups like them have little to no corporate sponsorship.  Their accumulation of knowledge is gained by trial and error or talking with other groups.  The accumulation of gear is through personal funds or creative fundraising.  Imagine you and twenty (or fewer) of your friends financing enough AV gear for a mega-church-sized holiday production with a choir and a band, then teaching yourselves how to use all of it.  These groups do this every day and combined with the availability of affordable pro-quality gear and the internet, more and more of them are learning to successfully use it.  

I had a fantastic time with CIGS.  I don’t think they considered that they would be teaching me when they invited us up to help them learn about AV gear.  I wish them much luck when they kick off their fundraising drive and on their future investigations!  I can only hope they invite me to tag along!  I can hold a boom arm, guys – I promise I won’t get in your way!               


E201U USB Mic Review



Neufutur recently reviewed our E201U USB mic!

“In the era when anyone can create a podcast about any subject no matter how esoteric or narrow it might be, having a set up that provides clarity and crispness to their vocals is absolutely essential. So many podcasts that we have subscribed to at NeuFutur to are sunk by the fact that they use an iPhone or other cheap recording device for their show. For the most clear and precise vocals, what they need is the E201U, a USB condenser microphone by Superlux.

This means that the vocals that are crafted are able to be heard without distortion; they are loud enough for a wide variety of purposes. It is a challenge for individuals to run into any sort of problems with this microphone. There is little in the way of difficulty that is present when one decides to put the E201U condenser microphone into commission; just simply plug it in to an open USB port. From there, recording using your favorite software is a breeze and one is left with radio station quality sound. With one having more than a passing interest in a podcast, especially for those that are looking to move into paid streaming options or picking up advertisers for their show, going and having something that will record you in a fashion that puts you at the highest echelons of content producers should be a no brainer. By going and including Superlux’s E201U USB condenser microphone into the mix, the overall quality at which one operates their show is increased considerably. For more information how about the entirety of the company’s product line take a trip to their website; a full description of their offerings discusses the relevant information along with availability in the countries in which they are distributed.

Rating 9.5 / 10″

Thanks Neufutur!  If you’d like to read the full review, check it out here!  

Winter NAMM Approaches!

Here at Avlex HQ in rainy Kansas City, Missouri, we’re readying the show shipment for Winter NAMM in Anaheim!  It’s on pallets, wrapped and ready to go!

Show Shipment 1


We’re hoping the Missing Show Shipment Debacle of 2015 doesn’t repeat itself this year – we have exciting new product to show including the new MIPRO ACT 2400-Series of digital wireless!  We’ve just received our show stock for NAMM from MIPRO and we’re sure that everyone will love this new series of wireless for its features as well as its retail-ready packaging.

Retail-ready packaging!

Retail-ready packaging!

We’ll be in Booth #6810 again!  Stop by and check out our selection of Avlex, MIPRO and Superlux products as well as meet some of our staff!

HMC-631 Review


Our new friends at Neufutur took some time to review our Superlux HMC-631 gaming headphones!

“The Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is a solid addition to the inventory of any player that would like a pair of headphones that are comfortable, customizable, and at the head of the class in regards to sound reproduction. The HMC631 headphones are able to playback music from bass-heavy (rap, EDM) to vocal-intricate (opera, country) genres in a compelling fashion. Furthermore, vocals (video game dialogue, phone calls) are clear and crisp without crackling or otherwise sounding muffled. When there are a multitude of voices / atmospheric noises, the HMC631 headset does not shudder from the challenge – everything is sorted out in a more than satisfying way.

The audio quality of the included boom microphone is high, meaning that individuals will easily be able to converse, give directions, or otherwise stay active with friends or family. We were particularly surprised with the build quality of the HMC631 headset, meaning that the product will take bumps and drops admirably. The rugged nature of the HMC631s ensure that one can tote the headset around in a backpack or in a car without the product being any worse for wear.

The comfort of individuals is a prime concern for Superlux/Avlex, and the padded headband makes marathon gaming incredibly easy. The variety of settings that one can orient their HMC631s makes this a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their battlestation.

The MSRP on the Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is around $100; look online to find the best price for these headphones. These would be a perfect holiday or birthday gift for anyone that wishes to be fully immersed into their video game experiences Check out the Superlux website for information about the company’s full array of gaming products, while the Avlex website has a panoply of description about their entire range of audio products.

Rating: 8.4/10″

Thanks Neufutur!  You can read the review here!

TOP-248 & TOP-258 Review


Bart with Eatgafftape, LLC has sent us a review of our Superlux TOP-248 and TOP-258 microphones!  

“The TOP-248 vocal microphone from SUPERLUX is one of those little known gems that everyone should know about and have at least one pair of them in their gig box.

I had the chance to beta test the TOP-248 and TOP-258 on several audio consoles including a Midas M32, Yamaha PM5D and a small 8 channel analog desk from a company called AOLONG.

For speaker configurations I was lucky enough to have access to a JBL VER-TECH rig, NEXO GEO-T system and a Peavey powered speaker system for the testing phase.

In a side by side comparison with the Shure SM-58 and the SM-57 the TOP series microphones held their own and sounded outstanding. The TOP-248 vocal microphone has a very rich natural sound and highlights both male and female vocalists quite well. As an avid user and fan of the SM-58 I was very surprised that the TOP-248 actually out-performed the SM-58. The transition in the vocal frequencies were downright smooth during the test with male and female vocalists. To me the SM-58 seemed a little weak and at times harsh sounding during all three tests.  

Another thing I liked about TOP-248 is the construction. Superlux did not hold back when they designed and built this microphone.  The weight alone lets the user know that they are holding a quality professional microphone. The black metal housing fits nicely in the users hand and gives a very nice non slip surface to grab on to. I will slip in the TOP-248’s whenever I possibly can on a gig from now on. 

The TOP-258 was yet another amazing microphone not only is it a great vocal microphone but as an instrument microphone all I can say is WOW. I put this microphone on a boom stand to mic a Martin 000-15m acoustic guitar.  Immediately I could tell from the look on the client’s face that something was bothering him as he started to play. After about 5 minutes of intense playing he stopped and asked if we can try the same microphone on his Mesa Boogie Mark IIB tube amp for his electric guitar. I put the mic on a short boom facing directly at the cab and mic’ed the outside edge of the speaker approx. 3 inches away.

After testing it on the clean channel and dirty channel of the amp you could tell he was very pleased with the sounds that the TOP-258 helped produce. After doing this test on 3 different audio rigs at 3 different events with the client plus comparing them with the SM-57, we both came away quite happy with the performance of all of the TOP Series microphones. I was happy that I found an affordable microphone that can perform and keep up with the big boys and the client came away happy with 2 microphones that he intends to use on all of his gigs.

In closing, you have to have these in your rig – you will not be disappointed!” 

Thanks for the review, Bart!  We agree with you – the TOP Series belongs in every live sound and recording rig!