IS-103 Intercom System – In stock & shipping now!

As mentioned in our previous blog entry, the IS-103 Intercom System was on its way!  And now it’s here!  We have limited quantities of these systems in stock now but there are more on the way – we’ll likely see them next week.

These wired intercom systems include everything you need to be up and running for your next live performance.  Give us a call for pricing and availability!

As always, if you need assistance with finding an Avlex retailer or contractor, let us know! 


InfoComm 2015 Wrap-up

Infocomm 2015

Infocomm 2015 wrapped up last Friday in Orlando!  We had a great show and we were glad to see everyone who stopped by the booth to check out our products including the new true digital MI-909T/R IEM System.  

In case you missed it, we showed the new Superlux IS-103 Intercom System which we are expecting to arrive in early July!  


The IS-103 is a one-channel wired intercom system consisting of a power supply, 2 belt packs, a compact main station, a rack mount kit and 3 intercom headsets.  We received a lot of positive response to this system so if you’re in Production or have Production requirements, keep this one in mind!  Give us a call for info – we’ll release a data sheet and pricing soon!

InfoComm 2015 5


Avlex in the media & gearing up for Infocomm

Avlex and MIPRO has been seen in the media quite a bit lately following our latest press release.  Have a look!

Pro Sound Web
Sound & Video Contractor Online
AV Network
ProSound News

Infocomm in Orlando is next week!  Our show shipment is already in Orlando so it appears we won’t have a repeat of the NAMM debacle.  Visit us in Booth 709 for a preview of the anticipated MIPRO digital ACT-2400 Series, Avlex HS-series low-profile headsets, Superlux headphones and wired mics as well as the highly awaited MI-909T/R True Digital IEM systems.  

Keep your eye on our social media accounts for photos from the booth!


HD-685 Review

We love dealers and end users who take the time to review our products!

Bart with Eatgafftape LLC recently reviewed the new Superlux HD-685 headphones.  Have a look!

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

“The great thing about being in the Pro-Audio and Lighting business is that you sometimes are asked to review a certain product for a manufacturer and run it thru the proverbial ringer to see if it performs up to or exceeds standards and will hold up to the rigors of everyday real world use.

I like to push gear to the limits so when I was asked by Avlex to test out the new Superlux HD-685 Headphones I jumped at the chance to see what kind of mayhem I could put them through. And as usual I gave them a beating.

Let’s look at the features and specs before I go into detail of the tests I performed.   


I started my testing by using the sweep generator at  With a continuous Sine Wave Sweep over 30 second increments at 25% volume level from 10Hz to 22Khz for a duration of 2 hours to burn in the headphones. I then moved to 50% volume for another 2 hours and worked my way to 100% in 8 hours of test time. 

From there I moved on digital music using the MIXXX DJ’s version 1.11 Auto DJ feature at a 50% volume level for 2.5 hours of burn in time using various types of music. Electronic, Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Hip Hop and Classical.  I then did the same music for 2.5 hours at 100% volume level. 

For the real world testing I broke out the trusty old HeathKit IG-37 FM Stereo Generator and ran the full gamut of frequencies on both left and right channels for about an hour. 

Finally I loaded up some music on both my PC and some old vinyl on my Polk Audio rig for 2 hours of listening to some of my favorite musical artists.  From the PC I pulled artists such as Popa Chubby, Buddy Guy, The Crystal Method and Tool.  On the vinyl side I listened to Pink Floyd, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and some Alan Parsons. 


Opening up the stylish black box I was greeted with a very sexy set of black stealthy looking pair of headphones that were displayed quite nicely.  These are packaged beautifully for retail sales, I might add.  After pulling them out of the box I noticed that the construction was very well thought-out and they looked as if they could take some abuse.  And yes they do handle abuse – I accidently dropped them from about 4.5 feet onto a hard concrete floor before I even got to plug them in. 

The sound quality is amazing. Deep rich bass tones and highs that are subtle and crisp. Using a 32 band EQ with these will bring out even more sound than you can imagine with your recordings.  I found that Popa Chubby’s Electric Chubby Land album (blues) was spectacular through these headphones.  The fit on my head was so comfortable that I was able to wear them for 3 continuous hours without getting a headache. 

I think that with the proper burn in time these headphones are a must have for any studio or live audio engineer.  These are a great addition to the expanding line of Superlux headphones and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.  For the audiophile there is no need to go out and spend excessive amounts of money on headphones when you can get great sound from the HD-685 headphones at a very decent price.”

Thanks, Bart! 

If you’ve got comments about our products or photos of your MIPRO, Superlux or Avlex installs, let us know!  We’ll feature you on our blog and other social media applications!

HD-685 Facebook Giveaway

If you follow our social media, you may have noted that we began another headphone giveaway yesterday afternoon!  This time we’re giving away a pair of HD-685 headphones to a random winner when our Facebook page reaches 300 Likes.

If you’d like to enter, follow this link to our Facebook page and find our contest announcement pinned to the top of our feed!  Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first in the US to own a pair of these – for free!

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

Another new addition: The HD-562



The Superlux HD-562’s arrived late last week!  I spent the weekend with these and I have to say, they’re my new favorite of the Superlux headphone line.  They’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time, they’re lightweight (I don’t feel like they’re swallowing my head) and they have a very, very well-balanced sound quality.  While the bass isn’t quite as heavy in these as in our HD-668B’s, I ran several tracks through these that ordinarily rattle my car speakers and I was quite impressed with the performance of the HD-562.  

HD-562 Packaging

Retail-ready packaging

These are packaged beautifully in a retail-ready box (if you’re into Koi you’ll like the box) and they include a standard 48″ cable, a pair of velvet ear pads and an adaptor.  The HD-562’s are shipping in case quantities of 12 and are available in black, only.

I think I’m going to swipe the sample pair and tell management that aliens visited me and abducted the headphones.  Wish me luck!

Fred visits Texas

It’s that time of year again when Fred packs it up twice a month and visits our sales reps around the US!  He began 2015 with a trip down to Texas with Brandon and John from Cowser Marketing.  One of the many highlights of Fred’s Texas Adventure was a call on Jeff and Zack at Epicenter Productions in Grapevine, TX where he reports he was able to do side-by-side comparisons of the Superlux S241/U3 true capacitor mic and the Superlux PRA-D1 supercardioid handheld with a Shure KSM137 and the old standby:  The Shure SM58.    

“We had the opportunity to plug in the Superlux S241/U3 and the PRA-D1.  We conducted an A/B of the PRA-D1 with a Shure SM58.  Epicenter was very impressed with the sound quality and tighter pattern of the Superlux PRA-D1. 

We also had the opportunity to do an A/B with the Superlux S241/U3 and a Shure KSM137: One of Shure’s top studio grade instrument mics with similar features.  The S241/U3 is one of my favorite Superlux microphones and I was even impressed with this demo against the $374 MSRP Shure mic.  The Superlux S241 at $150 MSRP was hotter and sounded better.  Jeff and Zack could not believe the cost verses’ performance of the Superlux mics.  They advised John and I that they will defiantly start using more of the Superlux mics.  I love being able to plug in product in the field!”

Of course, we’re biased but there you have it!  Buy Superlux!

Also, don’t think the life of a sales manager is all party party party, eating out for dinner every night and free rides from the airport.  Oh no.  Due to the lovely snowy weather that what seems like most of the continental US has seen over the last few weeks, Fred’s return trip took him from Texas, completely past the state of MO and onward to Washington DC, then back over to St Louis for a night and finally into Kansas City.  His flight was 28 hours late.  So next time you see Fred, buy him a frosty beverage and pat him on the back!

Next up for Fred (March 2 – 6):  The Midwest with Digital Sales Group.        


New Superlux Headphones: HD-685 in stock and shipping now!

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

One of hopefully several new products for 2015 has made its way into our warehouse in sunny Kansas City, MO!  We’ve just received our first shipment of Superlux HD-685 headphones!  These high definition headphones feature huge 40mm Neodymium drivers, closed-back ear-cups and a stunning, updated design!  Another neat feature:  A detachable cable with in-line volume control and a mic just in case you need to grab any phone calls while listening to music on your phone.

Need more info?  Check out the full specs!

The HD-685 is shipping in cases of 12 and are ready to ship now!  


Winter NAMM 2015

Winter NAMM in Anaheim just wrapped up Sunday and our booth team is winding their way back to Kansas City.  If you follow our social media accounts, you probably noticed that our entire show stock shipment was lost in transit.  Many thanks to our supporters and customers who visited us in Booth #6810 when we had very little product to show and demo!

One of the products we were able to show in the booth was the new, highly anticipated MIPRO True Digital MI-909T/R digital IEM.  We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about this one and we’re just as excited to begin shipping these as all of you are!  

 mi909 TEC 1

We’re also anticipating the arrival of the new MIPRO ACT-20T-VT miniature transmitter for violins as well as the ST-32 wind instrument transmitter.  We’ve noticed that there is a severe lack of professional-quality instrument transmitters on the market and we hope these will fill the gap in the pro audio market.  

ACT-20T VT violin mic

ACT-20T-VT Violin Transmitter


ST-32 wind mic

ST-32 Wind Instrument Transmitter

We hope to see these new products during First Quarter 2015.

Superlux showed off some prototypes of the new HMD-562 and HMD-685 double-ear intercom headsets.  The HMD-562 will feature smaller closed-back ear cup while the HMD-685 will feature a more robust closed-back ear cup.  Both models will have dynamic mics.  Stay tuned for availability and pricing!

We also have the Superlux HD-685 high definition stereo headphones on the way.  These will be in stock and shipping within the next couple of weeks.  These not only look fantastic but have a nice low end.  We’ve play-tested these in the office and they should be a nice addition to our line of Superlux headphones.

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

Thanks again to our customers who stopped by the booth at NAMM this year.  We’ll be at InfoComm in Orlando in June!  We’ll cross our fingers that that show shipment won’t be lost in transit so we have our full line of Avlex, MIPRO and Superlux products to display and demo!