What’s new for Avlex at InfoComm 2016?

The short answer:  Everything.

  • NEW!  ACT 2400-Series digital diversity wireless in the 2.4GHz band
  • NEW! MIPRO Tour-Guide and Interpretation Systems
  • FCC-Compliant 3-Series
  • FCC-Compliant 7-Series – With rechargeable transmitters!
  • FCC-Compliant 8-Series – With rechargeable transmitters!
  • Newly updated HS-48a single-ear headsets
  • Newly updated MA-909 wireless mixer with 2.4GHz transmitters and receivers
  • Newly updated CS101 Base Station for our Superlux IS-103 Intercom system to accommodate up to 10 wired belt packs!

Don’t miss us in Booth C9716 in Las Vegas this year!  

Winter NAMM Approaches!

Here at Avlex HQ in rainy Kansas City, Missouri, we’re readying the show shipment for Winter NAMM in Anaheim!  It’s on pallets, wrapped and ready to go!

Show Shipment 1


We’re hoping the Missing Show Shipment Debacle of 2015 doesn’t repeat itself this year – we have exciting new product to show including the new MIPRO ACT 2400-Series of digital wireless!  We’ve just received our show stock for NAMM from MIPRO and we’re sure that everyone will love this new series of wireless for its features as well as its retail-ready packaging.

Retail-ready packaging!

Retail-ready packaging!

We’ll be in Booth #6810 again!  Stop by and check out our selection of Avlex, MIPRO and Superlux products as well as meet some of our staff!

InfoComm 2015 Wrap-up

Infocomm 2015

Infocomm 2015 wrapped up last Friday in Orlando!  We had a great show and we were glad to see everyone who stopped by the booth to check out our products including the new true digital MI-909T/R IEM System.  

In case you missed it, we showed the new Superlux IS-103 Intercom System which we are expecting to arrive in early July!  


The IS-103 is a one-channel wired intercom system consisting of a power supply, 2 belt packs, a compact main station, a rack mount kit and 3 intercom headsets.  We received a lot of positive response to this system so if you’re in Production or have Production requirements, keep this one in mind!  Give us a call for info – we’ll release a data sheet and pricing soon!

InfoComm 2015 5


Avlex in the media & gearing up for Infocomm

Avlex and MIPRO has been seen in the media quite a bit lately following our latest press release.  Have a look!

Pro Sound Web
Sound & Video Contractor Online
AV Network
ProSound News

Infocomm in Orlando is next week!  Our show shipment is already in Orlando so it appears we won’t have a repeat of the NAMM debacle.  Visit us in Booth 709 for a preview of the anticipated MIPRO digital ACT-2400 Series, Avlex HS-series low-profile headsets, Superlux headphones and wired mics as well as the highly awaited MI-909T/R True Digital IEM systems.  

Keep your eye on our social media accounts for photos from the booth!


Winter NAMM 2015

Winter NAMM in Anaheim just wrapped up Sunday and our booth team is winding their way back to Kansas City.  If you follow our social media accounts, you probably noticed that our entire show stock shipment was lost in transit.  Many thanks to our supporters and customers who visited us in Booth #6810 when we had very little product to show and demo!

One of the products we were able to show in the booth was the new, highly anticipated MIPRO True Digital MI-909T/R digital IEM.  We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about this one and we’re just as excited to begin shipping these as all of you are!  

 mi909 TEC 1

We’re also anticipating the arrival of the new MIPRO ACT-20T-VT miniature transmitter for violins as well as the ST-32 wind instrument transmitter.  We’ve noticed that there is a severe lack of professional-quality instrument transmitters on the market and we hope these will fill the gap in the pro audio market.  

ACT-20T VT violin mic

ACT-20T-VT Violin Transmitter


ST-32 wind mic

ST-32 Wind Instrument Transmitter

We hope to see these new products during First Quarter 2015.

Superlux showed off some prototypes of the new HMD-562 and HMD-685 double-ear intercom headsets.  The HMD-562 will feature smaller closed-back ear cup while the HMD-685 will feature a more robust closed-back ear cup.  Both models will have dynamic mics.  Stay tuned for availability and pricing!

We also have the Superlux HD-685 high definition stereo headphones on the way.  These will be in stock and shipping within the next couple of weeks.  These not only look fantastic but have a nice low end.  We’ve play-tested these in the office and they should be a nice addition to our line of Superlux headphones.

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

HD-685 Hi Def Stereo Headphones

Thanks again to our customers who stopped by the booth at NAMM this year.  We’ll be at InfoComm in Orlando in June!  We’ll cross our fingers that that show shipment won’t be lost in transit so we have our full line of Avlex, MIPRO and Superlux products to display and demo! 



NAMM 2013

Here we go again.. off to the NAMM Show in Anaheim. It’s a love hate relationship but I am really excited about some of the new products we will be showing off there for the first time. I’m really jacked about the new broadband encryptable digital wireless and the new full 72MHz bandwidth transmitters for the 7 Series Wireless. Very cool feature sets with a very attractive price. We have new Avlex earset mics we will be showing and Superlux will be there introducing some new mics and headphones. Something for everyone. Stop by if your there we are right at the front right of the hall in booth 6810. See ya there. – Fred