MIPRO MI-909 True Digital In Ear Wireless System

We love talking about how great our gear is but we love it even more when the rest of the world talks about how great our gear is!

Review Of MIPRO MI-909 In Ear Wireless System
by Mike Brunner – Lead Guitarist of RĪvul – Gonzales, Louisiana

“When trying to gauge value in any product I look at many areas, build quality, performance in real world situations and any shortcomings. Based on what I found, the MIPRO MI-909 is worth every penny. It outperformed every wireless IEM system I compared it to. To get into the same performance/reliability area of the MI-909, you’d have to spend 2 to three times the amount you’d spend on the MI-909. Even when looking at good quality floor monitors, for the price of two monitors, you could purchase the MI-909 and never have to lug a floor monitor around again or worry about smaller venues and placement of your monitors.
Simply put in my opinion, there’s nothing currently on the market that can touch the MI-909 system. It is absolutely my opinion that the MIPRO MI-909 is the best bang for the buck in the field of wireless IEM systems.”

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