MIPRO Wireless Technology Brings Clarity of Message to SRP Park

Augusta, GA – May 2018… The Augusta GreenJackets are a Minor League Baseball team of the South Atlantic League, and they are the Class A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Their stadium, SRP Park, is the anchor piece of Riverside Village; a live, work, ‘playball’ development that includes apartment living, senior living, retail, restaurants, class ‘A’ office space, and a Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center. Simply put, there’s a lot of activity here, not the least of which is the excitement of the hometown team’s baseball games. For the just started baseball season, club management wanted a great microphone setup for announcements, interviews and more—and they found it in the pristine audio quality and untethered freedom of movement made possible by a new MIPRO wireless microphone system, distributed in North America by Avlex Corporation of Kansas City, MO.

The Myrtle Beach, SC office of Strategic Connections Inc., an AV design / build firm that services the worship, education, and commercial markets in addition to operating a live event production division, was contracted to design and deploy the sound system, which included the new wireless microphone equipment at SRP Park. Ultimately, Jim Bang, the Manager of both Sales and Engineering, and his team installed four channels of MIPRO’s 8 Series True Digital Wireless equipment. He discussed the project.

“The 4-channel MIPRO setup we installed consists of two MIPRO ACT-80HC Rechargeable Digital Handheld Transmitters, two Avlex HSP-49 single ear headset microphones used in conjunction with a pair of MIPRO ACT-80TC Rechargeable Digital Bodypack Transmitters, and on the receiving side of the equation, a MIPRO ACT-848 Digital Wideband Encryption-Capable Quad Channel Receiver,” Bang explained. “In addition to the primary system components, the setup also includes two AD-12 Passive Antenna Divider/Combiner units, two AT-90Wa Wideband Extension Antennas, plus some additional items such as a battery charging cradle and In-Line TNC Connector Couplers.”

Applications for the new wireless microphone equipment include the ability to better facilitate on-field interviews, the singing of the National Anthem at the start of the games, and related uses. According to Bang, “With the new mic setup, the announcer can freely move anywhere throughout the stadium without experiencing any dropouts whatsoever. This a huge plus and it really puts the talent at ease—enabling them to function better.”

When queried about those attributes of the MIPRO equipment that most appeals to him, Bang offered the following thoughts. “First and foremost is audio quality,” he reports, “and the MIPRO equipment is every bit on par with the performance of the bigger name brands—at reduced cost—and that translates to better value. Equally important is setup and configuration, which is quick and easy—even in areas where there is a lot of RF activity. Combined with a rich feature set and solid build quality, there really isn’t anything that motivates me to look elsewhere.”

With any wireless equipment, questions frequently arise, so quality customer and technical support services are crucial. In this regard, Bang gives Avlex Corporation high marks. “Avlex’ tech support has been great—particularly when it comes to coordinating antenna distribution and placement schemes. The company’s support is very responsive, which is important when you’re working on a tight schedule. Most significantly, I’ve had very little need for support because the gear is so well made and robust. I’ve yet to have a unit fail.”

With the baseball season well under way, Bang reports the new MIPRO and Avlex equipment is exceeding expectations. “The sound quality of the new equipment and, being wireless, the flexibility it affords, is unbeatable,” says Bang. “Our client is very pleased, and the equipment really seems to make the work easier and the games more enjoyable. As an integrator, I switched to MIPRO two years ago and have had no reason to look elsewhere, as their offerings seem to fit every situation!”

MIPRO MI-909 True Digital In Ear Wireless System

We love talking about how great our gear is but we love it even more when the rest of the world talks about how great our gear is!

Review Of MIPRO MI-909 In Ear Wireless System
by Mike Brunner – Lead Guitarist of RĪvul – Gonzales, Louisiana

“When trying to gauge value in any product I look at many areas, build quality, performance in real world situations and any shortcomings. Based on what I found, the MIPRO MI-909 is worth every penny. It outperformed every wireless IEM system I compared it to. To get into the same performance/reliability area of the MI-909, you’d have to spend 2 to three times the amount you’d spend on the MI-909. Even when looking at good quality floor monitors, for the price of two monitors, you could purchase the MI-909 and never have to lug a floor monitor around again or worry about smaller venues and placement of your monitors.
Simply put in my opinion, there’s nothing currently on the market that can touch the MI-909 system. It is absolutely my opinion that the MIPRO MI-909 is the best bang for the buck in the field of wireless IEM systems.”

For the full review surf here > Head-Fi.Org

CINCINNATI, OH – Tri-State Audio-Visual Company installed MIPRO ACT 2400 Series wireless microphones inside the Queen City Metro Conference Center


Queen City Metro Conference Center Thrives
with MIPRO ACT 2400 Series Wireless Mic System 2.4 GHz system utilizes 20 Channels



Cincinnati, OH – April 2017… Operated by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transportation Authority (SORTA), the Queen City Metro Conference Center serves as SORTA’s boardroom / meeting space. With seating for approximately 150 people, the facility recently underwent a sound reinforcement system upgrade to ensure better audio quality. A significant part of the new sound system includes 20 channels of 2.4 GHz wireless microphones—a surprisingly high channel count in that frequency band —all drawn from the MIPRO ACT 2400 Series catalog, which is distributed throughout North America by Avlex Corporation of Kansas City, MO.

Cincinnati-based Tri-State Audio-Visual Company, an AV design / build firm actively involved in the education, commercial, and government markets, was contracted to design and deploy the new sound system at the Queen City Metro Conference Center. Bruce Bock, the company’s president, handles both sales and system design for his company. After consulting with SORTA management to determine the requirements of the project, Bock deployed twenty channels of MIPRO wireless microphones—utilizing ACT-24TC 2.4GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitters and BC-100 Wireless Boundary Mics, used in conjunction with MM-202B gooseneck microphones on the transmitting side of the equation. On the receiving end, Bock and his team deployed five MIPRO ACT-2414A 2.4GHz Quad-Channel Receiver systems plus a MIPRO AT-24 2.4GHz Receiving Antenna placed above the room’s drop ceiling to aid with signal reception. He discussed the project.

“We were called to replace 12 existing wired gooseneck microphones,” Bock explained. “Originally, we were going to go use just the BC-100 boundary mics, but the facility’s HVAC system and the way it was configured made it really unfriendly to boundary mics. This forced us to re-evaluate the choice of equipment and, with help from the Avlex team, we came up with a solution that incorporated both the ACT-24TC 2.4GHz Digital Transmitters and BC-100 Wireless Boundary while adding the MIPRO MM-202B gooseneck mics.”

MIPRO’s BC-100 boundary mic is designed to house the ACT-24TC 2.4GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitter—thus creating a wireless boundary microphone. With the addition of the MIPRO MM-202B gooseneck microphone, the system transforms into a wireless gooseneck microphone system, making it an excellent choice for boardrooms, conference centers, schools, government facilities, houses of worship, and other installed sound applications. This is the solution that Bock and his team deployed at the Queen City Metro Conference Center.

“We installed the goosenecks and it all worked perfectly,” Bock reports. “After hearing and seeing how well the MIPRO equipment worked, the CEO then asked if we could add another 8 mics. I checked with Avlex and was told about the other available frequency sets that could be used. We took another receiver to the location, tried it and it worked perfectly. We were initially concerned about the high channel count and RF interference because the conference center is located across the street from the Federal Building, which has all sorts of wireless equipment in use. Even with all the RF frequencies in the immediate area, the 20 channels of MIPRO equipment performed beautifully—free from any interference at all!”

With the plethora of 2.4 GHz wireless technologies in use today, the possibility of RF interference is a common challenge when deploying wireless microphone equipment—particularly high channel density applications in metropolitan areas that must contend with routers, WAP’s, radio, shortwave, cell service, and a multitude of additional wireless technologies. Because of this, questions routinely arise during installation of wireless systems. Hence, quality customer and technical support services are crucial. In this regard, Bock rates Avlex’ support services best in class. “When we were asked to add the additional mics, I was concerned about the possibility of RF interference, so I contacted Todd White, our Avlex / MIPRO distributor. He, in turn, went to Fred Canning at Avlex who took the question to MIPRO engineering. They came back with the answers within 48 hours, telling us how to configure the various settings. I was very pleased with the way our concerns were addressed.”

The Queen City Metro Conference Center’s new sound system was installed during March 2018 and was placed into service immediately. Since that time, Bock reports his client is very pleased. “There was a major Board meeting recently that used all the microphones. Our customer called and said everything went perfectly. Everyone was pleased with the quality of the sound and the system’s ease of operation. I chose the MIPRO product because the customer was looking for a solution at a price point that wasn’t prohibitive. The acid test was the day we installed and turned everything on. The customer was in the room when we made all the mics hot for the first test. Everything worked—no interference, no crackle, and no buzz. The equipment just came on and worked flawlessly!”

To learn more about Tri-State Audio-Visual Company, visit the company’s website at www.tristateav.com.

MIPRO adds Dante® Options and Expands 8 Series Product Line with New ACT-848 Receivers

MIPRO 8 Series Dante Digital Wireless

ACT 7 and 8 Series gain audio networking feature in Dual and Quad variants

Kansas City, MO – November 2017… Avlex Corporation, the North American distributor of MIPRO products and the name audio professionals turn to for world-class wireless technology and microphones, is pleased to announce that Dante audio networking capability has been added to select MIPRO wireless products. This new feature is available on two ACT 7 Series wireless receivers as well as the dual channel variant of the company’s ACT 8 Series product line. Additionally, the MIPRO ACT 8 Series product line has been expanded with the introduction of the new ACT 848 Digital Wideband Encryption-Capable Quad Channel Receiver—available in both standard and Dante-equipped versions.

In the ACT 7 Series product line, the ACT-72 Dante Enabled UHF Dual-Channel Wideband Wireless Receiver and ACT-74 Dante Enabled UHF Quad-Channel Wideband Wireless Receiver join the existing 7 Series UHF wireless receiver systems. MIPRO’s ACT 7 Series are premium analog wireless systems that operate across 72 MHz of bandwidth and offer 2,881 selectable frequencies with presets that allow up to 48 channel simultaneous operation. The choice of either rechargeable or AA powered transmitters is available for these models.

The MIPRO ACT 8 Digital Series wireless systems now also offer customers a Dante capable version of the ACT-828 Dual Channel Receiver. Another addition to the MIPRO ACT 8 Series is the ACT-848 Digital Quad Channel Receiver, which is also available in a Dante version. In addition to the availability of Dante audio networking functionality, the ACT-848 Quad Channel Receivers are true digital wireless receivers offering Digital Diversity Receiving Technology with available 256-bit encryption. MIPRO’s Digital Diversity Receiving Technology utilizes two receivers in each wireless channel, each tied to its own antenna. Unlike competing wireless systems that use multiplexing between the A and B antennas, depending which one has the best overall average signal, the ACT 8 Series uses antenna summing, creating a mix of the best parts of both antennas in real time, which results in the most saturated signal available.

Like the ACT-828 dual channel wireless receivers, the ACT-848 operates across 64 MHz of bandwidth while offering 2,561 selectable frequencies. Both the Dante-equipped and standard ACT-8 Series systems offer 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz frequency response and a dynamic range > 115 dB. Both systems utilize a full-color vacuum fluorescent display for crystal clear visual feedback of the various system parameters. All 8 Series wireless systems feature rechargeable transmitters and smart charging cradles.

Fred Canning, National Sales Manager for Avlex Corporation, commented on the addition of Dante audio networking to the various MIPRO ACT Series products and the introduction of the ACT-848 receivers, “Dante has proven itself to be one of the most beneficial audio technologies of recent years, as it enables vast amounts of material to be transmitted over a single wire, thus eliminating the cable clutter so common to large venue audio projects. With the addition of Dante to the MIPRO ACT 7 and 8 Series receivers, audio professionals now have the choice of analog or true digital wireless systems that greatly minimize the number of cables feeding mixing consoles and other equipment. The new ACT-848 Dante-equipped receiver adds 4-channel capability to the 8 Series line, so audio pros now have a solid range of choices. I’m confident these Dante-equipped receivers will be well received.”

MSRP pricing for the Dante-equipped MIPRO ACT-72 Dual-Channel and ACT-74 Quad-Channel UHF wireless receiver systems is $900.00 and $1,520.00. MSRP for the MIPRO ACT-828 Dante Digital Encryption-Capable Dual Channel Wideband Wireless Receiver is $985. MSRP for the ACT-848 Dante Digital Wideband Encryption-Capable Quad Channel Receiver is $1,640.00. All products are available now.


TM58’s are here !



The greatly anticipated Superlux TM58’s are here ! 

The TM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone at an exceptional value which provides the dependable performance needed for stage, recording, and installed sound environments. These are available to our dealers and contractors in single piece as well as case quantities and are individually packaged for re-sale just in time for the holidays ! 

600MHz FCC Update

The FCC has set a date for discontinuation of 600MHz usage for all of us:

This Consumer Disclosure requirement is set forth in Sections 74.851(l) and 15.37(k) of the Commission’s rules. It is applicable to persons who manufacture, sell, lease, or offer for sale or lease, wireless microphone or video assist devices — either (a) wireless microphones or other low power auxiliary stations (“wireless microphones”) or video assist devices, authorized pursuant to Part 74, Subpart H of the Commission’s rules, or (b) unlicensed wireless microphones authorized pursuant to Section 15.236 – to the extent that these devices are capable of operating in the 600 MHz service band (617-652 MHz / 663-698 MHz). This disclosure informs consumers that wireless microphone users must cease any wireless microphone operations in the 600 MHz service band no later than July 13, 2020. In addition, in many instances they may be required to cease use of these devices earlier if their use has the potential to cause harmful interference to 600 MHz service licensees’ wireless operations in the band.

The full update can be found here.

What does this mean for all of us in the audio industry?  The 600-band is gone as of July 13, 2020.  And depending upon your install and usage locations, you may experience issues due to T-Mobile’s purchase (as well as other wireless providers) of a large portion of the 600-band for cell phone usage before the July 2020 date. 

Don’t get caught by surprise!  The change is coming!      

Introducing the MIPRO TA-80 Plug-In Transmitter

TA-80Compatible with all 8-Series receivers, the TA-80 turns your favorite handheld microphone into a true digital wireless system and produces the full frequency response and natural sound of any premium wired microphone surpassing the traditional characteristics of analogue systems.

The TA-80 has a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low THD and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference, and high S/N ratio. The TA-80 also features 8 gain levels and is switchable between 12 and 48 V, up to 10 mA current load, to provide phantom power for condenser microphones. The phantom power can be switched off for dynamic microphones.  

These transmitters are rechargeable with a single charge lasting 5 – 8 hours.  Each includes a 1CR18500 lithium battery and full system purchases will include an MP-80 charging station.

The TA-80 and 8-Series receivers are in stock and shipping now!