HMC-631 Review


Our new friends at Neufutur took some time to review our Superlux HMC-631 gaming headphones!

“The Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is a solid addition to the inventory of any player that would like a pair of headphones that are comfortable, customizable, and at the head of the class in regards to sound reproduction. The HMC631 headphones are able to playback music from bass-heavy (rap, EDM) to vocal-intricate (opera, country) genres in a compelling fashion. Furthermore, vocals (video game dialogue, phone calls) are clear and crisp without crackling or otherwise sounding muffled. When there are a multitude of voices / atmospheric noises, the HMC631 headset does not shudder from the challenge – everything is sorted out in a more than satisfying way.

The audio quality of the included boom microphone is high, meaning that individuals will easily be able to converse, give directions, or otherwise stay active with friends or family. We were particularly surprised with the build quality of the HMC631 headset, meaning that the product will take bumps and drops admirably. The rugged nature of the HMC631s ensure that one can tote the headset around in a backpack or in a car without the product being any worse for wear.

The comfort of individuals is a prime concern for Superlux/Avlex, and the padded headband makes marathon gaming incredibly easy. The variety of settings that one can orient their HMC631s makes this a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their battlestation.

The MSRP on the Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is around $100; look online to find the best price for these headphones. These would be a perfect holiday or birthday gift for anyone that wishes to be fully immersed into their video game experiences Check out the Superlux website for information about the company’s full array of gaming products, while the Avlex website has a panoply of description about their entire range of audio products.

Rating: 8.4/10″

Thanks Neufutur!  You can read the review here!

TOP-248 & TOP-258 Review


Bart with Eatgafftape, LLC has sent us a review of our Superlux TOP-248 and TOP-258 microphones!  

“The TOP-248 vocal microphone from SUPERLUX is one of those little known gems that everyone should know about and have at least one pair of them in their gig box.

I had the chance to beta test the TOP-248 and TOP-258 on several audio consoles including a Midas M32, Yamaha PM5D and a small 8 channel analog desk from a company called AOLONG.

For speaker configurations I was lucky enough to have access to a JBL VER-TECH rig, NEXO GEO-T system and a Peavey powered speaker system for the testing phase.

In a side by side comparison with the Shure SM-58 and the SM-57 the TOP series microphones held their own and sounded outstanding. The TOP-248 vocal microphone has a very rich natural sound and highlights both male and female vocalists quite well. As an avid user and fan of the SM-58 I was very surprised that the TOP-248 actually out-performed the SM-58. The transition in the vocal frequencies were downright smooth during the test with male and female vocalists. To me the SM-58 seemed a little weak and at times harsh sounding during all three tests.  

Another thing I liked about TOP-248 is the construction. Superlux did not hold back when they designed and built this microphone.  The weight alone lets the user know that they are holding a quality professional microphone. The black metal housing fits nicely in the users hand and gives a very nice non slip surface to grab on to. I will slip in the TOP-248’s whenever I possibly can on a gig from now on. 

The TOP-258 was yet another amazing microphone not only is it a great vocal microphone but as an instrument microphone all I can say is WOW. I put this microphone on a boom stand to mic a Martin 000-15m acoustic guitar.  Immediately I could tell from the look on the client’s face that something was bothering him as he started to play. After about 5 minutes of intense playing he stopped and asked if we can try the same microphone on his Mesa Boogie Mark IIB tube amp for his electric guitar. I put the mic on a short boom facing directly at the cab and mic’ed the outside edge of the speaker approx. 3 inches away.

After testing it on the clean channel and dirty channel of the amp you could tell he was very pleased with the sounds that the TOP-258 helped produce. After doing this test on 3 different audio rigs at 3 different events with the client plus comparing them with the SM-57, we both came away quite happy with the performance of all of the TOP Series microphones. I was happy that I found an affordable microphone that can perform and keep up with the big boys and the client came away happy with 2 microphones that he intends to use on all of his gigs.

In closing, you have to have these in your rig – you will not be disappointed!” 

Thanks for the review, Bart!  We agree with you – the TOP Series belongs in every live sound and recording rig!

IS-103 Intercom System – In stock & shipping now!

As mentioned in our previous blog entry, the IS-103 Intercom System was on its way!  And now it’s here!  We have limited quantities of these systems in stock now but there are more on the way – we’ll likely see them next week.

These wired intercom systems include everything you need to be up and running for your next live performance.  Give us a call for pricing and availability!

As always, if you need assistance with finding an Avlex retailer or contractor, let us know! 


InfoComm 2015 Wrap-up

Infocomm 2015

Infocomm 2015 wrapped up last Friday in Orlando!  We had a great show and we were glad to see everyone who stopped by the booth to check out our products including the new true digital MI-909T/R IEM System.  

In case you missed it, we showed the new Superlux IS-103 Intercom System which we are expecting to arrive in early July!  


The IS-103 is a one-channel wired intercom system consisting of a power supply, 2 belt packs, a compact main station, a rack mount kit and 3 intercom headsets.  We received a lot of positive response to this system so if you’re in Production or have Production requirements, keep this one in mind!  Give us a call for info – we’ll release a data sheet and pricing soon!

InfoComm 2015 5


MI-909T/R Digital IEM in the media

Avlex MIPRO MI-909 System

As you may know by now, our MI-909T/R True digital IEM systems are about to arrive in the US!  We’ve already sold half of our inbound systems – if you haven’t preordered yours yet, now is a good time to get your order in!  We should see these in our warehouse in lovely Kansas City, MO after InfoComm.

Our press release for the MI-909T/R can be found in several publications!  Here’s the list:

ProSound News
AV Network
TV Technology
Mix Online
Sound and Video Contractor Online
Electronic Musician
Live Design
Pro Sound Web
Lighting and Sound America

Don’t forget you can demo these systems at our booth next week at InfoComm!


Avlex in the media & gearing up for Infocomm

Avlex and MIPRO has been seen in the media quite a bit lately following our latest press release.  Have a look!

Pro Sound Web
Sound & Video Contractor Online
AV Network
ProSound News

Infocomm in Orlando is next week!  Our show shipment is already in Orlando so it appears we won’t have a repeat of the NAMM debacle.  Visit us in Booth 709 for a preview of the anticipated MIPRO digital ACT-2400 Series, Avlex HS-series low-profile headsets, Superlux headphones and wired mics as well as the highly awaited MI-909T/R True Digital IEM systems.  

Keep your eye on our social media accounts for photos from the booth!


MI-909T/R TRUE Digital IEM’s

Avlex MIPRO MI-909 System

The long-awaited MI-909T/R TRUE Digital IEM’s are coming!  We’ve been given specs in advance of their arrival.  You can check them out here!  

Here’s a smidgen of the awesomeness in store for you:

  • 64MHz bandwidth, 2561 frequencies to choose from
  • 216 presets in 16 groups per band. Up to 16 interference-free channels per group
  • Selectable stereo, balanced, mono and mixed output operation
  • 112dBA dynamic range

Want brochures?  Let us know!  We’ve got them at the printer now and we’ll be glad to get them in your hands!