AD-90S 4-Channel Wideband Power Splitter

AD-90S 4-Channel Wideband Power Splitter The AD-90S is a UHF wideband 470-960MHz, 1-input, 4-output power
antenna splitter with maximum output level of up to +26dBm(0.4W).  It operates between 470MHz~960MHz and is compatible with up to 4 MIPRO AT-90T Wideband Passive Directional Antennas. The AD-90S operates with MI-808T In-ear Monitoring Transmitters or MT-90 Wireless Interlinking Transmitters to divide a single signal into 4 parts
for large installation coverage and long distance transmission applications.  It can be connected to the AD-90A, Power Amplifier to greatly increase signal efficiency, therefore, extremely long distance transmission with difficult RF and demanding outdoor wireless applications.

  • AD-90S is a UHF 4-channel power antenna splitter with a maximum output level of +26 dBm (0.4 W), assisting with one transmitter connecting to 4 transmitting antennas
  • Primarily operates with 4 MI-808T in-ear monitoring transmitters or 4 MT-90 wireless interlinking transmitters to send signals through 4 channels with reliable signal transmission and larger signal coverage in multiple directions. Note that AD-90S is not designed for receivers
  • Each channel of AD-90S can be connected to an AD-90A UHF wideband power amplifier to increase signal output power and transmission range when the antenna is installed in complex terrain or a large building with many partitions

  • Bandwidth: UHF 470~960MHz
  • Full System: Gain 0~2dB
  • VSWR: Input / Output ≦ 1.5:1
  • Maximum outputs: Up to 4 outputs
  • Input Signal Indicator Threshold: +3dBm
  • Maximum RF Input Power: +26dBm
  • Power Supply: DC 12~15V
  • Power Consumption: 760mA
  • Input / Output Connectors: TNC Female (1-input, 4-output)
  • Dimensions: 210(W) x 44(H) x 206(D)mm / 8.3(W) x 1.7(H) x 8.1(D)"
  • Weight: 1.1kg / 2.4lbs
  • Operating Environment: -10~60℃

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