AT-90Wa Wideband Extension Antenna

AT-90Wa Wideband Extension Antenna The AT-90Wa is a bi-functional log wideband antenna for professional receiving and transmitting. It enhances signal pickup and transmission for MIPRO UHF wireless receivers operating in the 480MHz to 1GHz frequency range and is compatible with US FCC regulations. It has a 4 - 6dBi highly directional pattern which is ideal for tough RF environments requiring strong off axis rejection. The AT-90Wa has two input connectors which can be connected to transmitters and receivers directly. The RX connector has a built in 12dB high gain booster, enabling extended operating ranges and reliability. The TX connector is passive. These two functions offer users a performance option tailored for their actual system requirements. The 9 volt excitation for the booster is derived from the coaxial cable connected to MIPRO AD-708 and AD-707a antenna dividers or ACT-Series receivers or IEM transmitters. The AT-90Wa comes with MS-10 mounting bracket, is water-proof and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor professional wireless applications.

  • Passive or Active operation
  • Operates in the 480MHz to 1GHz frequency range
  • Waterproof
  • Shipped with MS-10 mounts

  • Frequency Range: UHF 480~1000MHz
  • Antenna Gain: 4 - 6 dBi
  • Booster Gain: 12 dB ±1dB (RX Connector), 0 dB (TX Connector)
  • VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio): ≤2:1 (RX Conector), ≤2:1 (TX Connector)
  • Coverage: 75° Vertical, 130° Horizontal
  • Connector: TNC Female — 2
  • Dimensions: 319(W) x 270(H) x 25(D) mm / 12.6(W) x 10.6(H) x 1(D) inches
  • Weight: 430g / 15.2oz.