MA-90 Precision Stereo Bar

MA-90 Precision Stereo Bar The MA-90 is a professional precision T-Bar style mount designed for A/B, ORTF and other stereo microphone placement techniques. The microphone clamps slide and rotate on a bar marked with angles of ± 45 ° and spacing up to 200 mm on each side. The positions of the microphones are continuously adjustable and have engraved detented scale markings for exact, repeatable settings every 15 ° and 10 mm. It is also lockable at any desired point in-between.

The MA-90 features a black electrostatic finish and can be stand mounted or hung for easy set up.  

  • Professional T-Bar style stereo mount
  • Designed with two easily adjustable locking stand adaptors
  • Rotating locking mounts with engraved detents up to ± 45 °
  • Adjustable locking mounts with 20 engraved detent positions every 10 mm through 200 mm
  • Lockable at any desired point
  • Stand mountable and hangable
  • Threads: 5/8"-27
  • Black electrostatic finish
  • Length: 620 mm, 24.41 inches
  • Weight: 640g, 1.41 pounds

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