MI-909T/R True Digital Wireless In-Ear-Monitor

MI-909T/R True Digital Wireless In-Ear-Monitor The MI-909T/R system is a professional-quality true digital wireless stereo IEM system featuring digital encryption capabilities with unparalleled digital audio performance and transmission reliability.  The superior frequency response characteristics from 20Hz to 15kHz clearly exceed that of analog systems.  Combining DSP and digital diversity technologies, MIPRO's MI-909 system is the industry's only true digital IEM system.  The MI-909 boasts 112dBa of dynamic range, enhanced s/n ratio, extended frequency response and advanced features that provide crystal clear audio that sets a new standard in wireless in-ear monitoring.

The MI-909R True Digital bodypack receiver, the most compact in the industry, has dual antenna true digital diversity reception providing unsurpassed RF Signal stability and extended range.  The bodypack receiver features Stereo, Mono-L, Mono-R and Mixed operational modes with balance control and equalization settings.

The MI-909T True Digital transmitter operates across 64MHz, allowing multiple preset compatible channel operation, adjustable input sensitivity, adjustable RF output and EQ DSP processing.  Built-in scan and sync functions enable auto-scanning for open, interference-free frequencies.

System Features:

  • 64MHz bandwidth, 2561 frequencies to choose from
  • 216 presets in 16 groups per band. Up to 16 interference-free channels per group
  • Selectable stereo, balanced, mono and mixed output operation
  • 112dBA dynamic range

MI-909R Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver Features:

  • The industry's most compact and smallest housing
  • Lightweight and rugged magnesium and glass-fiber reinforced plastic housing 
  • Backlit LCD screen with superior features and advanced function settings
  • Dual true digital diversity design enhances RF signal stability and extends transmission range
  • Dual, unbreakable soft antennas
  • Selectable stereo, balanced, mono and mixed output modes
  • Selectable EQ settings
  • Fast and easy menu controls and indicators accessible with three buttons
  • Includes ear buds

MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter Features:

  • EIA-standard half-rack metal housing, LCD screen display, rotary control knob for advanced menu settings and dual audio LED indicator lockable front panel
  • Up to 16 interference free channels within each frequency group
  • Selectable encryption keys with scroll or static setting for single or multiple receivers
  • High dynamic range, stereo audio inputs and able to withstand the maximum output levels of professional audio mixers
  • Built-in DSP 3 band ± 9dB EQ settings for audio modifications
  • Free Scan selects an open, interference-free transmitter frequency and ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequencies automatically
  • Ideal for professional touring, performance, multi-language interpretation and installation applications

MI-909R Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver Specs:

  • RF Frequency Range: UHF 480~604 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 64 MHz
  • Channel Grid:  25kHz
  • Selectable Frequencies: 2561 frequencies in 16 groups per band
  • Compatible preset frequencies per group: 16
  • Housing: Magnesium and glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • Receiving Mode: True Digital Diversity Receiving
  • System Latency: 5.6ms (unencrypted) and 7.84ms (encrypted)
  • Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
  • Frequency Stability:  ± 0.0005% (-10~ +60°C)
  • Channel Setup:  ACT Sync
  • Modulation Type:  Digital modulation
  • Sensitivity:  10 μ V input level, S/N > 90dB (stereo)
  • Spurious Emissions:  < 4 nW
  • Max S/N ratio:  95dBA
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 15kHz (stereo)
  • Stereo Separation:  > 95dB
  • Volume Control:  126dB (1dB step)
  • LCD Display:  AF/RF meters, battery status, group & channel, R/L balance
  • Output Jack:  3.5mm Ø stereo earphone jack
  • Output Power:  Left/Right x 120mW @ 16 Ω
  • Earphone Impedance:  ≥ 16 Ω
  • Battery Type: AA X 2
  • Current Consumption:  Approx 170 mA
  • Operating Time:  Approx 8 hours (moderate volume)
  • T.H.D.: 0.1% @ 1kHz
  • Dimensions: 2.6"(W) x .9"(H) x 3.2" (L)〞
  • Weight: 98g / 3.5 oz
  • Operating Temperature:  -10 ~ +60°C

MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter Specs:

  • Frequency Range:  UHF 480~604 MHz
  • Bandwidth:  64MHz
  • Oscillation Mode:  PLL Synthesized
  • Channel Grid:  25kHz
  • Frequency Stability:  ± 0.0005% (-10 ~ +60°C)
  • Modulation Type:  Digital modulation
  • RF Output Power: Switchable 10Mw - 50Mw 
  • Spurious Rejection:  
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 15 kHz (stereo)
  • T.H.D.: <0.1% (at 1kHz)
  • ADC Dynamic Range:  112dBa
  • Stereo Audio Input:  6.3mm Ø Phone Jack x 2, XLR, 6.3mm Ø combo jack
  • Max Input:  > +26 dBu, Selectable Line / Mic level
  • Audio Input Adjustment:  0~ -30dB, 3dB step
  • Earphone Output:  6.3mm Ø Stereo phone jack with volume control
  • Earphone Output Impedance:  ≥ 16Ω
  • Antenna Connector:  TNC (50 Ω impedance)
  • Power Supply:  DC 12~15V
  • Dimensions: 8.3" (L) X 1.7" (W) X 8.1" (D)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs