MP-80 Charging Cradle

MP-80 Charging Cradle

The MP-80 charging station has two charging slots and features a 3-in-1 charging design, enabling multiple charging options: 

    Two handheld transmitters -->
  • Two bodypack transmitters
  • One bodypack transmitter & one ICR18500 
  • Two ICR18500 lithium batteries

The MP-80 is a new generation of charging station designed exclusively for somw MIPRO rechargeable Products.  These charging cradles are for use with ACT 8-Series rechargeable TA-80 transmitters, MI-58R bodypack transmitters and ICR18500 1400mAh/3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Each station also provides two storage slots for 2 spare ICR18500 batteries. Charging status is indicated with easy-to-read red (charging) & green (charged) indicators. Multiple charging stations can be easily connected for more charging options.

  • Two charger slots provide convenient charging for MIPRO rechargeable transmitters and ICR18500 rechargeable batteries
  • Intelligent charging circuitry provides efficient and safe charging
  • Precise charging status with red (charging) & green (charged) indicators
  • The reverse polarity protection circuit prevents charging errors
  • Two spare ICR18500 battery storage slots
  • Storage compartment for charging cable
  • Two or more chargers can be easily interconnected for more charging options
  • For use with new MIPRO MI-58 Series IEMs and ACT 8-Series rechargeable transmitters

  • Input Voltage Range:  DC 10 – 15 V / 1 A
  • Battery Type:  ICR18500 1400 mAh 3.7V Li-ion Battery
  • Charge Method:  Termination by 20% regulation current
  • Charge Current:  Approx. 500 mA by regulation current 
  • Current Consumption:  Approx. 600 mA / 12 V, for two batteries charging at the same time
  • Dimension (W × H × D):  92 × 78 × 158 mm / 3.6 × 3.1 × 6.2 "
  • Weight:  Approx. 313 g / 11 oz