ACT-24TC 2.4GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitter

ACT-24TC 2.4GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitter MIPRO’s Digital Diversity ACT-2400 Series wireless system addresses the industry’s 2.4GHz issues of range, signal stability and channel density. The 1/2U, single- and dual-channel digital receivers operate in the 2.4GHz-ISM band using stable 4- requency FSK modulation circuitry to provide strong RF signal stability and extended range, utilize dual-tuner true digital diversity reception, and deliver 12 compatible channel operations without signal dropout. The ACT-24TC miniature bodypack features separate mute button and status, and selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs. These rechargeable transmitters deliver 10 hours of use on a 4-hour charge.

  • Miniature, sturdy plastic compact design
  • 3 LEDs indicate battery status and turn red to indicate low battery
  • LED in the mute/AF button is lit or off to indicate AF status
  • Connector for optional MJ-70 remote mute fob
  • One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically
  • Selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs
  • Mini-XLR input with secure screw lock connector for lavaliere, head worn mics and guitar
  • These rechargeable transmitters deliver over 10 hours of use on a 4-hour charge. A 25-minute fast charge provides up to 1-hour operation. The included single rechargeable lithium battery can be easily removed or interchanged for charging. The included ICR-18500 lithium battery maintains a high charge capacity for up to 600 full charge cycles

  • Frequency Range:  2.4GHz ISM band (2.4 – 2.4835GHz)
  • Channel Set-Up:  ACT Sync
  • RF Output Power:  2 mW / 10 mW switchable (country dependent)
  • Transmitting Mode:  Frequency hopping
  • Max. Audio Input:  6.5 dBV
  • Impedance:  1.0M Ω
  • Mute Connector:  Optional MJ-70 remote mute switch
  • Battery Meter:  4-level green / red LED display
  • Battery Type:  1 ICR-18500 1400mAh 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
  • Current Consumption:  Approx. 138 mA
  • Operating Time:  A 25-minute fast charge provides up to 1 hour operation. Minimum 10 hours of operation per 4-hour full charge (depending on the battery quality)
  • Dimensions (W × H × D):  63 × 70 × 25 mm / 2.5 × 2.8 × 1 "
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 66 g / 2.3 oz