TA-58 ISM Digital Plug-on Transmitter

TA-58 ISM Digital Plug-on Transmitter The MIPRO TA-58 is a digital wireless plug-on transmitter with a locking balanced XLR mic input jack, designed for measurement microphones, condenser or dynamic wired microphones, recording microphones and musical instrument microphones. It is compatible with all ACT-5800 Series receivers. The TA-58 has a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low THD and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference, and high S/N ratio. With a balanced XLR mic input jack any condenser or dynamic microphone can attached, the TA-58 provides 48 V of phantom power with up to 10 mA of current load to provide phantom power for condenser microphones. The phantom power can be switched off for dynamic microphones. A high-capacity lithium battery enables up to 8 hours of use per charge. The TA-58 comes with a USB Type C charging cable for convenient and fast recharging. The battery can also be easily removed to place in the optional MP-80 dual charging cradle; battery replacement is fast and easy. MIPRO’s TA-58 has excellent isolation of spurious and external noise interference. It is compact, lightweight and ruggedly built. The housing is splash-proof and encloses a high efficiency transmitting antenna. The TA-58 features a recessed mute button and AF meter. The green backlit LCD clearly displays all operation parameters. The TA-58 turns any microphone into a true digital wireless system producing the full frequency response and natural sound of any premium wired microphone surpassing the traditional characteristics of analogue systems.

  • The TA-58 operates in the ISM band avoiding typical wireless interference.
  • It features a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low T.H.D. and noise floor, and fast transient response. It is a true digital wireless product that transmits the full frequency response of any premium wired microphone.
  • The TA-58 has a locking balanced XLR input jack to securely connect any dynamic or condenser microphone. It provides supplies 48V, up to 10 mA phantom power for condenser microphones which can be switched off for dynamic microphones.
  • A built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery enables up to 8 hours of use per charge. The TA-58 can be recharged via a USB Type-C socket and included cable. Battery replacement is fast and easy.
  • The fiber reinforced plastic housing has a built-in high efficiency transmitting antenna and a green backlit LCD displaying operation parameters.

  • Frequency Range ISM 5.8 GHz (5,725 ~ 5,850 MHz) - 125 MHz bandwidth
  • Channel Set-Up MIPRO ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) IR Sync
  • RF Output Power 20 mW
  • Modulation Proprietary Digital; fixed envelope
  • Spurious Emission Less than -60 dBc
  • Audio Input Level 2V max. at AF gain = 0 dB, P-P by protective circuit
  • Phantom Power Selectable 48 V at 10 mA max., off for dynamic microphones
  • Battery ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery × 1
  • Battery Life > 8-hour phantom power off > 4.5-hour phantom power on
  • Dimensions 1.625” × 4.625” × 1.5”
  • Weight 4.1 oz. (excluding batteries)