Frequency Charts for MIPRO Wireless Systems

Below, you will find frequency charts for all current and discontinued series of MIPRO wireless in the US.  For a summary of all frequency charts, please refer to our Frequency Chart Summary.

ACT 3-Series
ACT 7-Series
ACT 8-Series
MR-90 (6A Band)
MR-90 (6B Band)
MR-90 (6C Band)

Discontinued Wireless


ACT-747a, ACT727a and ACT717a

ACT-707S/ACT-707D, ACT-707SE/ACT-707DE, ACT-707F, ACT-81/ACT-82 (**Discontinued)

ACT-7Ha and ACT-7Ta transmitters (**Discontinued 36MHz version)

ACT 3-Series (**Discontinued 600-band 8ch & 16ch versions)